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Competitie 42 Stijl taiji quan deel 1 + 2

Competitie 42 Stijl taiji quan deel 1 + 2

Competitie 42 Stijl taiji quan deel 1 + 2

Uit de serie van Li Deyin, de meest bekende instructuer van het moderne Tai Ji in China.

Internationale competitie routine. Deze 42 Stijl is samengesteeld uit bewegingen van de meest beroemde Tai Ji stijlen uit China, zoals de Yang, Wu en Sun stijlen. Ook wel Zhong He stijl genoemd, wat zoveel betekend als 'de gecombineerde stijl'. Deel 1 en 2.

Prior to the 1988, there was no standard for taijiquan. Taiji was passed on master-to-student, changing and evolving with time and generation. Everybody practiced taiji differently.
In international competition, this created a dilemma. How were judges to score taiji routines that could be as different as pineapples and bananas? A standard was needed.

42 Form Taijiquan was created to be that standard. It is a combination-routine of the best of four traditional taiji styles the "silk reeling power" of the Chen, the graceful strength of the Yang, the exquisite subtleties of the Wu, and the flexible agility of the Sun plus eight-hand and five-foot techniques from Push Hands. It was choreographed with harmony and beauty in mind, and a high degree of technical difficulty in practice; competitors must display a broad range of knowledge and skills in order to perform 42-Form well. It is a symphony of motion.

In 1990, China hosted the 11th Asian Games. It was then that they announced 42-Form Taijiquan Competition Routine as the first ever universally standardized taiji competition routine. This began a new chapter in the history of Wushu, and the primary author is: Professor Li Deyin.

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